Month: May 2013

Ingredient Spotlight: Kale

Kale is a wonderful vegetable that is extremely hearty and nutritious.  Recently, they’ve become the rage in all sorts of dishes especially as a replacement for other greens.  While this may be a fad for the moment, it’s not a…

Gardening for cooks

Better late than never! I make a home cook’s case for gardening, consider some big-picture issues, and describe this year’s seed starting efforts.

April cooking

Whoops, I forgot to revise this before it went up the first time.  Lost track of this at the end of the month. Roast chicken breast and spinach salad (4/1): As simple as it sounds.  I’ve been getting bored with…

Single protein, several days

I was swamped with work and my wife had it significantly worse than me.  When I first realized how scarce time would be my thoughts immediately moved to dinner.  Would we order delivery or pick up?  Would we eat out?…

Ceilings and floors

Raising quality is costly.  It’s worth doing only if the benefits exceed the costs.  But it’s impossible to figure these out until after the work’s been put in.  Here are some observations.