Potato, Spinach, and Bacon Soup

This is a pretty quick, and very delicious recipe made from left over ingredients I had from various other cooking sessions, including baby yukon gold potatoes from a poached salmon dish, spinach left over from a side salad for a steak, and thick-cut bacon from … well, breakfast.

20150111_135156Grab your immersion blender, it’ll come in handy for this one.  If you don’t have one, a regular blender will do.  Here goes …

Prep time: 5-10 mins
Cook time: 10-15 mins
Servings: ~2-4
Difficulty: Easy

0.5 – 1 lb potatoes (baby Yukon golds work well)
1 small onion
1 clove garlic
2 cups baby spinach
5 slices thick cut bacon
1 tbsp salt
0.5 tbsp rosemary
1 tbsp oregano
1 cube chicken bullion
3 cups water
4 tbsp cooking wine (optional)
1 cup croutons (optional)


  1. Slice bacon to about 1 cm width – optionally trim the bacon if you want it to be leaner, but then again, bacon without the fat is just stale meat!
  2. Dice onion (about 2 cups)
  3. Smash / mince garlic
  4. Begin bringing a medium sized soup pot (one as tall or taller than it is wide) to temperature over medium heat, so that water sizzles when sprinkled
  5. As pot is heating, clean and dice potatoes (about 2 cups)
  6. When pot has come to temperature, add bacon tossing occasionally to brown and render (3-5 mins)
  7. Once bacon has browned, remove and set aside leaving bacon grease in pot – feel free to remove some grease if you want, but you’ll be adding enough liquid that it won’t be oily or greasy
  8. Lower heat to med-low, and season oil with oregano, rosemary, and garlic for a minute or so
  9. Add onions to sweat until translucent and tender
  10. Increase heat to high and deglaze pot with cooking wine if using, otherwise use about a cup of water getting all the good, browned bits at the bottom of the pot
  11. Add potatoes and half the bacon – toss well, cook until potatoes are tender (5-10 mins)
  12. Add remaining water, chicken bullion, bringing liquid to boil with hand torn spinach (10 mins)
  13. Remove from heat for a few minutes, then blend (carefully) to desired consistency
    • Be careful of splatter as liquid will be hot.  If you’re using a regular blender, be sure not to fill to the top and also do not seal fully as blending increases the volume and also releases steam which could cause a build up of pressure if not vented.
  14. Plate in bowls, top with remaining bits of bacon and croutons



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