Cold-brewed tea

Summer and cold drinks go together.  This year I got into cold-brewing tea.  It’s easy to do, the main ingredient being a tiny bit of forethought.  If you have a nalgene cold-brewing is especially worth doing because you can brew in and drink from the same container.

The weekday recipe — if it can be called that — I used is below.  Credit to Harold McGee for the water-to-tea ratio.  If you have the nice stuff, leave out the lemon the first time.  Better yet, use up your pedestrian stuff quickly so you can buy the nice stuff.

Cold-brewed tea with lemon

Adjust the brewing time and amount of lemon as results dictate.


  • 1 liter [1 quart] water
  • 7.6 [4 conventional 2-gram bags] tea
  • Thin slice lemon


  1. Add the lemon and tea to the container.  Pour in the water.  Refrigerate overnight.
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